Data Storage and Access

Facilitated databases for storing and accessing bird monitoring data are summarized in the Southeast Partners in Flight Field Guide to Web Technologies

Avian Knowledge Network (AKN):

Point Count Database:



We recommend that researchers and institutions partner with other institutions such as PRBO Conservation Science for the development of on-line data storage, management and visualization tools, such as those recently implemented for the Midwest Avian Data Center: A southeast regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network would be a useful resource for consolidating and providing access and tools to analyze point count data across the region.

In addition, the Coordinated Bird Monitoring Database, which the USGS maintains in Boise, ID allows users to store data of any kind.  If requested, data can be uploaded to the Avian Knowledge Network.  The Coordinated Bird Monitoring Databases currently stores more than 100 data sets, including several from the southeast.  The website is: